see the lights, see the party, the ball gowns [ca event closed]

He would be taking Luna to this ‘prom’ thing. It was probably a bad idea, really. But she was so excited when he asked her… it probably wasn’t right to go back on his word. 

So he just decided to go through with it. He begged Sigma for money to buy a decent outfit, not giving him the reason really (though he guessed Sigma knew it was for the fucking prom), and he went out and bought a suit. He even took off his hat for the night and made his hair braids look nice and shit like that.

He used the leftover money for actual bus fare this time, and travelled to Sector One. Finding his way to Luna’s apartment quickly, he knocked on the door, pulling at his suit. Damn, it was weird to wear this.

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    The drink was sour, but he hadn’t had many “normal” drinks, either, so he didn’t mind it. It tasted kinda good, actually...
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    |Luna felt a faint blush appear on her cheeks at Dio’s slight approval. She places her drink back onto the table,...