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Dio saw the way Sigma was staring at the stray cat outside their apartment. He scoffed, walking up behind his roommate and slamming his palm into his back in a mock-friendly motion. 

“Hey there, pal,” he greeted, sarcasm dripping from his voice. “Whatcha find?”

The feline mewled, and Sigma’s eyes widened further, his teeth biting onto his bottom lip anxiously. Dio smirked and turned to his roommate, his teal eyes flashing in mischief.

“You wanna take it home?” he snickered, his lips drew into a grin. “Would the fucking cat whisperer like that?”

Sigma remained silent, taking Dio’s taunts as a sign of acceptance clearly as he bent down and picked up the cat.

“Never took you as an animal lover, Sigma. Though I suppose all those cat puns make sense now,” the blond commented, lazily crossing his arms. 

The other man mumbled something, causing Dio to shove him lightly and demand, “What did you say?”

And Sigma cleared his throat and repeated something that sounded like “I don’t know what you’re talking ameowt.”

If only he wasn’t holding a cat. Sigma’s face was just begging to meet Dio’s fist.

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